We also Shopaholics like you!

At the same time, we also have a dream to be a successful online seller. Just like you, we facing challenges that made us think that online business is very difficult. We had a hard time finding wholesaler with real wholesale prices. We can't find suppliers who would work with a new sellers and offer low or no minimum order. We don't have enough money to buy inventory and couldn't start the business at all.

Despite all those things, we had ideas and some opportunities to run a profitable online business. It has running more than three years. Now, the time is coming for us to share the ideas and opportunities with all of you out there.

We started HudJannah as a platform to give people who wants to running their online business without spending so much money on inventory. We  provides the best series of quality products and affordable prices for you to start your online business.

The best thing is we have a powerful automated system that will make your business easier. You can start your business with listing your favorite items to sell, and start synchronize to Shopee marketplace. Yes, we start with Shopee and we will grow then with more marketplace in future.

At the same time, we have no problem if you want to sell our products at other places such as your media social account, websites or any.

Do not worry about shipping, as we will handle everything.

You just have to understand how to do this business because we have two types of suppliers, namely local suppliers and overseas suppliers.

If you are interested in becoming our reseller, please learn more by accessing our knowledge page or click here.

Dr. Noraini and daughters